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A young artist, Jaime Del Rosario brings to life their characters and the colorful cosmos through a digital medium. Discover their art through Phoenix and Jacob.

Jaime Del Rosario 

I 'm 19 years old and am currently studying Studio Art and Sociology. I have been doing digital artwork for 3-4 years and traditional artwork for 11-12 years. Most of my life I have been dedicated to my art and improving my skills.


I identify as nonbinary, my gender does not fall under "girl" or "boy", and a portion of my artwork is centered around LGBTQ+ pride. My pronouns are they/them/their. My artwork centers heavily around space and the characters of a story I am working on. Currently, I am still developing it and hope to create a comic with them.


I am a student member of the Artists' Guild of Columbia County and you will find me at a lot of their big events as well as some of my own independent ventures.